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This article was published on: 09/20/17 2:07 PM


Perfect and chic work-life bags to take you from Monday to Sunday

Monday: Celine Belt Bag in Black

We are totally in love with the Celine Belt Bag, which has been spotted on stylish celebrities such as Rosie Huntington.

The design is understated but classic, with the belt details giving it just that little bit of drama and flair. The secret charm of the Belt Bag is its practicality; it is a solid day bag with plenty of room to carry A4 documents and even your full makeup pouch.

Ladies, you can also wear the bag with your own style –  on the shoulder, sling it over the body, or as a handbag. Perfect to get you to a high-energy start to the week, and always a timeless piece to go back to when in doubt.

Tuesday: Goyard Saint Louis Tote in Yellow

The classic Longchamp tote is undeniably functional and by far one of the roomiest bags anyone can own. A far less common alternative to the Longchamp tote is the beautiful Goyard Saint Louis Tote.

Equally spacious and as accommodating to all your belongings (especially if you, like me, always prefer to bring along half your cosmetics collection just in case!), the Saint Louis is created in the image of a treasure chest. The bag is lightweight and reversible, and even comes with a detachable pouch.

Goyard takes pride in having its leather products handmade in France, and you will be amazed to know that every stroke of the signature chevron pattern is painstakingly hand-painted by artisans! Any Tuesday morning will be definitely made fuss-free with this gem of a bag.

Wednesday: Louis Vuitton Twist Lock Bag in Crocodile White

There is just something so edgy about the Twist. The metal LV turn-lock closure is truly a statement-maker – one opens the Twist with a simple twist aligning the ‘L’ with the ‘V’.  The LV signature remains ever so classy yet modern. The chain also allows one to choose between carrying it cross-body or on the shoulder.

If you are not convinced yet, the seemingly tiny bag is much roomier than it looks. The cleverly-designed ‘wave’ base is designed to fit all your essentials – wallet, mobile phone and even your favourite lipstick. Just all you need for a mid-week ladies’ night.

Thursday: Chanel Jumbo in Royal Blue

The Chanel Jumbo is iconic and a quintessential in the fashion world, to say the least. The Jumbo size is the best size anyone can ask of a hold-all handbag without stinging on style. You can pack all your essentials and then there’s room for so much more!

The quilt design is luscious and screams luxury, while the chain detailing is no less elaborate. The bag chain is also perfect to match your guilty pleasures of bangles and wrist candy. A perfect pick-me-up for the last stretch in to the work week on a Thursday (TGIF is just in a day!).


Friday: Prada Saffiano Double Zip Tote in Light Pink

For days where you just want to feel extra feminine, the Saffiano is an absolute dream. The Saffiano has a elegant silhouette with clean lines and lovely gold-plated detailing ideal for everyday use. Apart from its beautiful looks, the Saffiano accommodates all your handbag needs with practical inner pockets and compartments.

The Saffiano is ideal for romantic Friday date nights. Be sure to pair them with your sweetest skater skirts and stilettos!

Saturday: Balenciaga City Bag in Cumin Tan

It’s finally the weekend and time to hit the town in your best threads. Bring along the Balenciaga City bag to add the special final touch to your OOTD.

As with all Balenciaga bags, the City bag exudes “rocker chic” with its tassels, hardware detailing, exposed zippers and buckles and distressed leather.

The distinctive slouchiness of this bag is a refreshing change from structured handbags, and an apt one for a relaxing Saturday. Channel your inner rock chick and set the streets ablaze!

Sunday: Hermes Herbag in Rose Hortensia

When one mentions Hermes, the much-coveted Birkin and Kelly bags come to mind. However, the Herbag is as exquisite, and a wonderful choice for your flirty Sunday brunches.

Made out of leather and canvas, the trapezoid Herbag is versatile and and roomy. You will also find that the back of the bag has an exterior pocket of a perfect size to keep your mobile phone or favourite cosmetics.

The Herbag comes in many colours depending on your preference; the Rose Hortensia is a lovely bright fuschia rose pink that is eye-catching and will brighten up your Sundays. Psst, the price point is also more attractive and more affordable than its full leather siblings!

Disclaimer: We do not claim ownership of any of the photos used. Please contact us if your photo has been used and you wish for credit to be given. Thank you.

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