This article was published on: 09/17/17 3:53 PM


Know Your Bag

Glossary for bags

TRAPEZOID: Bag in an A-line shape that can also be referred to as a Four-Poster. The trapezoid can be referred to as a Satchel as well.

TOTE/SHOPPER: A medium to large carry-all square bag with an open top entry and two handles.

CLUTCH/POUCHETTE: Named because it is usually clutched in the hands of, or between the arm and body of the wearer. It is a small bag that has no straps or removable straps.


HOBO: Slouchy, crescent-shaped shoulder bag that dips in the center and usually has a zip-top closure and shoulder strap.


SATCHEL: Square or dome-shaped bag with a wide and flat bottom, a zippered or clasped top and two short handles or straps.


SHOULDER BAG: Bag that was created initially for women to be hands free in early 1930s by Coco Chanel herself. Historically small to medium, this bag can run large and is paired with two thin straps or sometimes chain shoulders to be worn over the shoulder.


CAMERA BAG: A rectangular bag with rounded corners. It has a top zip closure and often has zippered exterior pockets. This bag usually has one long adjustable strap used to carry the bag across the body and provide easy access to the wearer.


BARREL/ROLL BAG: Horizontal, cylindrical purse with a zip top closure and short handle(s).


BAGPACK: Bag with vertical double shoulder straps that is worn on the back, between the shoulders. This bag usually has an additional top handle.


DRAWSTRING: A bag with a cord woven through eyelets to gather and close at the top. The drawstring may form straps or the bag may have a separate strap.