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Celine Red Calf / Suede Trapez Medium Gold Hardware

Now:$1,550.00 $990.00 Before: $1350.00

Celine Crystal SilverBlack Calf Mini Boogie ( Limited Collection )


Celine 169953MCC Medium Phantom Luggage Black Calf


Celine Light Brown Small Trotteur Grained Calfskin Leather Crossbody Bag

Now:$1,680.00 $1,150.00

Celine Electric Blue Suede Medium Phantom Luggage Brass Gold Hardware

Now:$3,300.00 $2,550.00

Celine Black Calf Tri-fold Medium Document Shoulder Bag

Now:$3,500.00 $2,900.00

Celine Brown Aged Glazed Boston Large Tote

Now:$1,500.00 $600.00

Celine Baby Blue ( Gacier) Trio Bag Small Messenger Bag

Now:$1,300.00 $980.00

Celine Collection in Royal Blue Calf Nano Luggage Cross Body Bag

Now:$2,800.00 $2,280.00

Celine 167793LBA.27VL Vermillon/ Red Micro Luggage Tote

Now:$2,800.00 $2,200.00

Celine 171453 Olive Green / Amazona Trio Bag Multiple Zipped 3-Way Large Messenger Bag in Smooth Lambskin

Now:$1,300.00 $1,100.00

Celine Pocket Trifolded Multifunction Wallet on Chain in Multicolour Nude, Mineral , Light Khaki


Celine 165213KBA Grey/ Burgundy/ Black/ Beige Calf Mini Luggage

Now:$3,500.00 $3,080.00

Celine Trapez Medium Olive Green Croco Embossed w Gold Hardware

Now:$3,000.00 $2,650.00

Celine 168243 KBM.31 Nano Luggage Trio color Forest/ Black / Grey Cross Body Sling Bag

Now:$2,300.00 $1,900.00

Celine 165213 Sand Mini Luggage Document Tote

Now:$3,500.00 $2,000.00

Celine 174013 Indigo Royal Blue Calfskin Small Edge Shopping Tote

Now:$2,900.00 $1,900.00

Celine Dark Brown Calf Leather Boogie Tote

Now:$1,900.00 $850.00

Celine Camel Calf Leather Boogie Tote

Now:$1,900.00 $890.00

Celine Tartan Midnight Blue Tweed Mini Luggage Tote

Now:$2,800.00 $1,350.00

Celine Crystal Satin Silver Mini Boogie Limited Collection

Now:$1,280.00 $990.00

Celine Phantom Cabas Burgundy/ Baby Blue Suede

Now:$1,700.00 $1,380.00

Celine Yellow Soft Calf Flap 16 cards Long Wallet

Now:$900.00 $700.00

Celine Blue Nappa Hobo with Jewel Details

Now:$1,050.00 $600.00